Football season is here | Fall is in the air

When the heat of South Georgia starts dissipating, and the cool breeze starts blowing, we all feel the familiar feeling we love; The feeling of football season! I, of course, get ready for the slanders that are about to come my way because I am a Georgia Tech fan in a family full of die-hard Georgia Bulldog …

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Sorry for the delay

So, I started a series with you guys which I was so PUMPED about doing and then the very next day I went to the doctor.. simple visit, just checking on Addy, and then my high blood pressure apparently called for an induction.. like this week. Then they decided they might be able to push …

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“Fall” into health & beauty | Day 1

I am so excited to start this series with you guys! There is nothing better in the world than getting to share your passion and I truly hope you can take away some really good information from it. I'm no expert handing out professional advice of course but I am definitely handing out advice I …

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Fresh from AverieLain- It’s wedding season!

Okay guys, I know for a fact everyone loves fall weddings. The scenery is amazing, the weather is nothing less than desirable, and something about the changing leaves puts the essence of fresh love in the air. With that being said, we all know how stressful weddings are. One thing every bride stresses about is …

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